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Iranian Visa Services for Independent Travelers

Iranian Visa ServicesPersian Voyages Iranian visa services are designed to assist you in your application.  If you intend to visit Iran as an independent travelers you will need a Visa stamped in your passport by the Iranian Consulate. To apply for a Visa you must first have an Authorization Number from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Iran, which we can obtain for you.

We offer Iranian visa services for all nationalities including Americans. US citizens are required to be accompanied by a national guide.

Note: since March 2014 British passport holders require either to join a package tour or have a national guide for entire their trip in Iran in order to obtain visa. This rule also applies for Canadian and US passport holders.

Note: As of January 2016, US policy (subject to change) has stated that anyone wishing to travel to or via the USA is required to apply for a US visa (rather than an ESTA) if they have travelled to Iran since March 2011. The process is fairly straightforward. It is just something you will need to be aware of, if you have future plans to travel to or via the US. The US visa when issued is normally valid for 10 years so you will not need to reapply for a further visa for subsequent visits during that 10 year period.

Note: Due to the Iranian new year holidays, the visa application will be accepted until 2nd March so those travelers who are travelling in April must submit the visa application by 2nd March.

As well as Iranian visa services, we offer visa services for Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan.

How to obtain your Iranian Visa using our service

Either complete an on-line application form or print or download the attached form, complete and return it to Persian Voyages together with a copy of your passport (the page with photo), please scan and email a passport size photo.

The fee for providing a visa code for USA, Canadian, UK passport holders is £120 per passport and for other nationalities is £60 per passport.

Please contact us for method of payment and to transfer the appropriate amount to our account.

When you use our Iranian Visa Services it normally takes 1-2 weeks to obtain the Visa Authorization Number from Iran, and we will inform you as soon as we receive it.

Americans, Canadian and British nationals takes one month for the visa code to be issued, accompany of a guide a brief CV for last five years is also required

Important Notice

The Iranian Consulate in London is now open and issue visa.

All UK passports holders visa applicants must submit their applications personally with following documents to the Consulate Section of the Iranian Embassy in London:

The following is opening hours for London consulate . It is better to go after 12 noon to stay in the Que for opening hours of 2pm

The Visa Section opening hours:

Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 2 to 5 pm

  1. Original Passport
  2. Completed Visa Application Form(Application Form)
  3. Authorization Number From Ministry of Foreign Affairs of I.R. Iran
  4. Two Passport Size Photo (ladies with headscarf)
  5. Visa Fee (Cash only- inside consulate).
  6. The visa fee for normal service which may take up to 10 days for UK passport holders is £150 and the same day service is £250

Address: Iranian Consulate,50 Kensington Court, W8 5DD

We offer a visa service which can help with most of the process but still the clients have to go for finger print it may takes up to one hour based on appointment to avoid the queue.

The cost of 10 day including the visa fee is £250 for  the same day is £350 including Iranian consulate visa fee

Apart from UK nationals, other nationalities do not require to have finger print or go in person.

Once UK nationals have the finger print at the consulate they do not require to go in person for the second trip. We can offer our visa service for the visa stamp process.

Please note that all above subject to change

We can also apply for a visa code and send the visa approval number to any other Iranian consulate in the world so you can stamp your passport.


The following dates for 2017 are national holidays in Iran and the Iranian consulate is closed:

Tuesday 20 January 2018

Wednesday 21 March 2018

Monday 02 April 2018


 Frequently Asked VISA Questions

How long is the Visa Authorization Number valid?
The Visa Authorization Number is valid for three months from the date of issue.

How long is the Iranian Embassy Visa stamp valid for?
The visa stamp is valid for entry to Iran for three months from the date of issue.

How long may I stay in Iran?
The maximum stay with an Iranian Visa is one month. A few days before your first visa expires, you can apply in person to the authorities in Iran main cities to extend your Visa for up to two more weeks

How long will it take for the Embassy to stamp my passport?
Using our Iranian visa services it normally takes only two days to stamp your passport and return it by post.

I am travelling overland to Iran. Can I collect my visa in one of the countries on my route?
We can send your visa number to any Iranian Embassy in the world, so you can have your passport stamped there.

I am travelling overland, and intend to enter to Iran more than once on my route. Can I apply for a double entry Visa?
On your request our Iranian Visa Services are able to organize a double or multiple entry Visa, which allows you to enter to Iran more than once within six months. In this case please complete the attached form to apply for a Authorization Number.

Transit Visa
In the past, a Visa Authorization number was not required for a Transit Visa if the duration of stay was not more than 5 days. However, overland travelers passing through Iran now require an Authorization Number. The application procedure for a Transit Visa is as the same as for a Tourist Visa.

Please contact us if you require any further information on our Iranian Visa Services.