• Kermanshah

    Places to visit in Kermanshah. The site is a UNESCO World Heritage site and has been...

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  • Tabriz

  • Ahwaz

  • Susa

  • Takab

Recent Additions

Classic Persia

CLASSIC PERSIA Staying at local houses 10 days tour staying in local houses to experience famous Iranian hospitality and visiting magnificent sites in Shiraz, Persepolis, Yazd, Isfahan and Tehran Dates 2019                                                            …

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Paradise Gardens of Persia

Paradise Gardens of Persia 16 days tour to visit Iran most magnificent ancient historical sites and gardens. Iran is the home of paradise gardens. Gardens have been a fundamental part of culture in Persian life for more than 2500 years and can been illustrated in various fields of Persian art: in miniatures painting, ceramics, carpets and poetry. The golden age …

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Mountains and Monuments

Spectacular scenery is combined with fascinating culture and history, in our 10-day tour-trek to popular Mount Damavand and the major sights of Isfahan and Shiraz. The highest peak of the Alborz range is an extinct volcano, its peak covered in snow for most of the year, with...

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