South Coast

Iranian Holiday Package: South Coast

A fascinating journey to the south coast of Iran and Island of Qeshm. Primarily a mountainous area consisting the south tip of Zagruz range with long history dotted with small villages and towns, ethnically diverse regions local people with traditional customs, bazaars, natural wonders and phenomes, spectacular scenery unique only can be seen in southern coast of Iran.

Historically an area for trade of commercial significant. Marco polo travelled to the coast on 1072 for trading and exchange goods. For the first time in 1497 Europeans landed on the on the port of Hormoz , remain of Portuguese castle is the evidence of their present .


Tour cost: TBA

Single supplement: £TBA

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What included in the tour price:

  • Accommodation
  • Sharing a twin room
  • Airport transfers
  • Breakfast
  • Land transport
  • All excursions and sightseeing entrance fees
  • Porterage
  • An English speaking guide

What is not included:

  • International flight
  • Iranian Consulate visa fee £165
  • Dinner-Lunch
  • Travel insurance.


  Day 1, Tehran

Upon arrival in Tehran you are met at the airport and transferred to your hotel. We stay overnight in Tehran.

   Day 2, Chahbahar

Morning flight to Chahbahar. Upon arrival in Chahbahar, you will be transfer to your hotel. We spend all afternoon walking along the coast, wondering around bazaar, relaxing in the tea houses, meet friendly local people and witness the amazing sunset.

Overnight Chahbahar

    Day 3, Chahbahar

All day in Chahbahar to see its amazing natural beauty starts with Mars Mountain: Local call this mountain Merikhi which means Mars, one of the most stunning geomorphological phenomena continue along the coast to the pink lagoon in Lapor, where the water really look pink which is due to planktons activities.  The present of birds such as stroke, partridge, white grey heron add to the attraction of the lagoon.

Overnight Chahbahar

   Day 4, Chahbahar

Today we continue our tour in Chahbahar by visiting the rare phenomenon of mud volcano, where the mud underground reaches the surface like spring and forms a dome shape mount. The cemetery of Jinn, A mysterious place with enormous which attract people believed in supernatural world. Botanical garden: A collection dedicated to the flowers, trees, shrubs and vegetation especially to the south coast of Iran. Friday Mosque dating back to the early days of Islam.

Overnight Chahbahar

    Day 5, Minab

Drive to Minab (567 km, 8-9 hours).

Overnight Minab

Day 6, Hurmoz Island

Morning in Mina , a fishing port famous for its date palm trees, mangoes and specially for its Thursday’s Bazaar which attract people from different area, After  visiting Bazaar  we drive  to Bandar e Abbas (109 km, 1-2 hours) to catch the ferry to Hurmoz Island. Upon arrival on the Island, we explore the Island and enjoy the breath–taking land scape and natural wonders, salt mine, salt cave, colourful valley and Medieval Portuguese castle, try island’s specially seafood in one of the local restaurant

Overnight Hurmoz Island

   Day 7, Qeshm Island

Today we head to see Rainbow Mountains a geological wonderland. Valley of statues, where rock formed into interesting shapes due to wind ,rain and age,  each rock formation could be symbolized an animal, such a  sheep, dragons and birds. Visit the red beach and holes in the rock. Then visit Portuguese castle, one of the last surviving monument of Portuguese colonial rules in the Persian Gulf .Then take the ferry to Qeshm Island Overnight Qeshm Island

    Day 8, Qeshm Island

Visiting Qeshm Island is the highlight of the trip to south coast with incredible landscape and relaxed environment. The Island is a designated UNESCO Global Geopark.

Boat riding around Coral Island, visiting the dolphins and Eagle-Muzzle turtles, visiting local market and familiarizing with the culture and lifestyle of local people, returning to Qeshm and visiting Khorbes cave and the Valley of Star, continuing the path toward the village of Khalaf pond.

Star Valley is a unique example among all Geosites to study erosion.

Chahkouh Valley, The valley has been crested in a layer of sand and due to the existence of Marl layers, salt and lime and dissolving erosion in holes, several wonderful ruts have been created.

Overnight Qeshm Island

  Day 09, Qeshm Island

Hara Forest Protected area

A mangrove forest, a biosphere with salt water plants a major habitat for birds such as eagles, flamingos, pelican ad heron, also fish, reptiles, turtles, visiting the port of Laft and its architecture, visiting the wells of gold and the beautiful Badgir-ha Harbor.

Overnight in Qeshm

 Day 10, Qeshm Island

Today we explore Hengam Island, a small elegant island by the Azure waters of the Persian Gulf , a relaxing time in the island to enjoy its unique and beautiful rock and sand beach to watch Dolphins, Turtles and crocodile , return to Qeshem,

Overnight in Qeshm

Day 11, Tehran

Flight to Tehran

Overnight Tehran

 Day 12,

Transfer to the airport for the flight back

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