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Iran by Train

Iran by Train

A Journey by train in Persia passing through countryside, small villages and visit the major sights of the great cities of Tehran, Isfahan, Yazd and Shiraz.


Price:£1450 per perosn

Dates 2018

22 May – 31 May  

09 Oct   – 18 Oct 

Dates 2019

07 May – 16 May

28 Sep   –  08 Oct

Iran by Train could be tailor -made to match the date of your travel in the party of minimum of 2 people.

Istanbul to Tehran By Train



Day 1,  Tehran

Arrive in Tehran. Meet at airport and transfer to your hotel.

Overnight in Tehran

 Day 2, Tehran

Today we will be visiting the capital’s Archaeological, Reza Abbasi, Carpet

Museums and Sa’ad Abad palace. Train to Shiraz at 18:10

Overnight on train

 Day 3, Shiraz

Arrive in Shiraz at 08:15. Transfer to your hotel for a short rest, afternoon sightseeing in Shiraz. Visiting Eram Garden, the Shah Cheragh shrine, Hafez and Saadi Tombs, and thelively Bazaar.  Overnight in Shiraz

Day 4, Persepolis

Visit Pasargadae, Persepolis, Naghesh-e-Rajab and Naghesh-e-Rostam.

Overnight in Shiraz

Day 5, Yazd

Drive to Yazd by public local coach.

Overnight Yazd

 Day 6, Yazd

Sightseeing in Yazd.

Overnight in Yazd

 Day 7, Isfahan

Take the train at 04:10 to Isfahan, arrive in Isfahan at 09:10, transfer to your hotel for a rest, afternoon sightseeing in Isfahan. Visiting Imam and Sheikh Lotfollah Mosques, the Aliqapou Palace.

Overnight in Isfahan

 Day 8, Isfahan

Friday Mosque, Armenian Vanak church Chehel Sotoun, Hasht Behesht Palace and Khajou Bridge.

Take the train at 23:20 arrive in Tehran at 06:45

Overnight on Train

 Day 9, Tehran

Train arrives in Tehran at 06:45, transfer to your hotel after a rest afternoon sightseeing Tehran.

Overnight Tehran

Day 10, Tehran

Transfer to the airport for the flight back.

Note: Train times may change according to the new time table when it is updated

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